Design Build Live

Build a Cob Bench Workshop: Introduction to Cob

A One Day Design~Build~Live Workshop

Saturday, November 12, 2011, 8:30 – 3:00 pm

Location: Blackshear Community Garden, East Austin

Fee: $75 for nonmembers, $60 for DBL members

Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate

During this hands-on workshop you will be introduced to the various steps of BUILDING WITH COB through discussion and hands on participation, including:
≈ Building a rubble trench foundation
≈ Selecting and acquiring materials (clay, sand, straw)
≈  Making a good cob mix
≈  Building cob walls
≈  Adding weather-proof cap
The project: Construction of a cob bench to create a gathering space within the community garden and to delinate a kiddie play area. The goal of the workshop is to show participants how to design and build with cob, a locally-sourced, raw, and healthy material. With some practice, the same knowledge can be applied to more complicated structures, such as building a house.
Additional Information: If you are not already a member, join now at and receive the discounted workshop price. A healthy lunch w/ vegetarian options, water, tea and snacks are included with the workshop. Enrollment is limited. Contact Lauren at 512.786-5123 for questions.
Registration: Fee for the workshop is $75 for non-members and $60 for DBL members. (If you are not already a member, join now and receive the discounted workshop price.) Included as part of the workshop will be a healthy vegetarian lunch, water, beverages and snacks. Enrollment is limited to twenty people. Register for the workshop below or contact Lauren via the “Contact Us” tab above or at 512-786-5123.  One full or partial work-trade position may be available for a highly-motivated person with limited financial resources.

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