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Newsletter Archive

Most, but not all, of the newsletters produced by Design~Build~Live and its predecessor, The Sustainable Building Coalition, between 1998 and 2009 are archived here, some in PDF and some as web pages/html. (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free to read PDFs)

January 2009 The Transition Movement Guest presenters: Tommy Tolson, Norm Ballinger, Lester Germanio

November 2008 Building With Awareness

September 2008 Energy Conservation Tips & Techniques for the Home

July 2008 Water Conservation Tips & Techniques for the Home

May 2008 Benefits of green/natural building versus conventional construction

April 2008 Efficient and Wonderful Lighting for Your Home Herbert Deazvedo, FSG Lighting

March 2008 Compressed Earth Blocks

Februrary 2008 Putting Your Sustainable Principles into Action: Opportunities with Design~Build~Live

January 2008 Loving Local Living by Brandi Clark

November 2008 Sustainable Movie Night

October 2007 Houses that Love You Back by Elke Cole

September 2007 Water Conservation: Beyond High-Efficiency Fixtures by Chris Maxwell-Gaines, P.E.

August 2007 Learning from Ancient Cultures: Sustainable China by George Swanson

July 2007 FoodWaterShelterCommunity: Presented by Lester Germanio

June 2007 Home Design Ideas to Celebrate the Sun: Presented by Gayle Borst and Terri Finch

May 2007 I Can Recycle THAT? Get the Facts from Local Experts

April 2007 Windows: Service and Delight: Presented by Gayle Borst

March 2007 Growing Kitchens Indoors and Out: Presented by Leslie Reilly

February 2007 Sustainable Villages: Presented by Robert McIntyre

January 2007 SBC is evolving! Meet the new Design-Build-Live


November 2006 Straw Bales Under Fire: The straw bale fire test and implications for insurance and mortgages

October 2006 Shelter: Animal, Human, Historical, Aboriginal, Alternate, Earth-Friendly, Modern – Dick Pierce

September 2006 Untwisting the Cedar… Friend or Foe? By Elizabeth McGreevy Seiler

August 2006 The Culture and Earthen Buildings of the Nile Valley – Awad Abdelgadir

July 2006 How Green is Your Cement? Better stucco, grout, and aerated concrete

June 2006 Summer Solstice / Compact Florescents / Fire Test

May 2006 Introduction to Permaculture by Selwyn Polit

April 2006 Summer and Your Indoor Air Quality by John Alvord

March 2006 Natural Building: Traditional Methods in Contemporary Cottages by Kindra Welch

February 2006 Solar Hot Water Systems by Thomas Isaac

January 2006 Dick Pierce on Green Building


November 2005 “A Hybrid House” – Charles Gibson

October 2005 Green building video night at Casa de Luz

September 2005 The Healing, Hazardous & Unusual Aspects of Natural and Artificial Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) – James Beal

August 2005 Celestial Geometry for Building Design – Dr. Dan Lester

July 2005 Seeking and Creating Sacred Spaces – Roberta Shoemaker-Beal

June 2005 The Pleasures of Sun Watching – Robert Jackson

May 2005 Applying the Principles of Green Building to Remodeling – Robert Zirkel

April 2005 Building with Natural Local Materials – Dr. E. Logan Wagner

March 2005 Rainwater Harvesting with Innovative Water Solutions and Rainfilters of Texas

February 2005 Firewise Building with Jan Fulkerson


December 2004 (PDF) FoodWaterShelter Project with Lester Germanio/New SBC Meeting Schedule

September 2004 (PDF) Alternative Energy Roundup/September Meeting Postponed

July 2004 (PDF) Permaculture/ Planning

March 2004 (PDF) Moisture Control In Buildings/Texas Home & Garden Show

January 2004 (PDF) Sustainable Ireland/Bau-Biologie course/Permaculture class


November 2003 (PDF) Holiday Party/San Antonio Energy Leadership-Texas Renewables conference

September 2003 (PDF) Case Study: Lars Stanley

May 2003 (PDF) Natural Alternatives to Concrete, Steel, and force-grown Yellow Pine

March 2003 (PDF) Experience with Green Building Materials

January 2003 (PDF) Christopher Alexander/Life in Architecture


June 2000 Choosing Green Building Materials in Central Texas

May 2000 Permaculture Panel and Video

April 2000 Rammed Earth Home – A Case Study

March 2000 Just How Green is Austin?

February 2000 A Green Restoration: A Case Study

January 2000 Austin Energy’s Green Choice Program


November 1999 Simplicity

October 1999 Green Financing

September 1999 Life on the Nile: A Sustainable Community by Necessity

August 1999 Indoor Air Quality – Problems, Considerations, Solutions

July 1999 Carbon Dioxide Intensity Factors

June 1999 Regional Design Lessons from Historical Texas

May 1999 A Reasonable Level of Self-Sufficiency: Energy

April 1999 A Reasonable Level of Self-Sufficiency: Water

March 1999 A Reasonable Level of Self-Sufficiency: Food

February 1999 Cedar: Love It and Leave It?

January 1999 Y2K


November 1998 How to Operate and Maintain a Sustainable Building

October 1998 Smart Growth and Sustainable Land Development

September 1998 Using Vintage Materials in Remodeling and New Construction

August 1998 Construction & Demolition Waste Management

July 1998 Pest Problem Prevention and Non-Toxic Pest Control

June 1998 Tree Protection Before, During and After Construction